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ALICE - Your Personal Learning Bot on Online Safety

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Virtual Assistant to learn the techniques to be safe online in the most natural way – by chatting (voice or text)

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I am glad to let you know that, my project, AliceSafety Bot - an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Learning Assistant designed to help one learn the techniques to be safe online in the most natural way – by chatting (voice or text), has won the Google Web Rangers Award!

Here’s how ALICE can help one learn about online safety:

  1. Answer users' questions on Internet Safety
  2. Point to the best curated resources available on the World Wide Web on the subject

In order to start ALICE, one need to just give (speak/type) any of the following instructions to Google Assistant installed on their mobile devices:

  • OK Google, Talk to Alice Safety Bot.
  • OK Google, Ask Alice Safety Bot.
  • OK Google, Speak to Alice Safety Bot.
  • OK Google, Let me talk to Alice Safety Bot
  • OK Google, Ask Alice Safety Bot to explain how to set a strong password.

One can ask ALICE any question related to online safety such as:

  • What are the risks associated with going online?
  • Can you explain Phishing?
  • How do I ensure a strong password?
  • Suggest some good videos on online safety.   

ALICE that falls under my social responsibility initiatives is designed to sync with the theme of 'Safe Internet'. Through the bot, my vision is to empower the digital citizens of today with the required knowledge that will help them manage their own digital lives in the most secure manner, thereby leading them to become 'Good Netizens'. The program is basically aimed at children and young adults who have just started using the Internet and its services (such as E-Mail, World Wide Web, and Social Media).

In addition to the chat bot experience, through the ALICE Safety Bot project website available at, I'm also giving an opportunity to the users to contribute towards the repository of information that drives ALICE to help make the bot become more complete and effective. The idea is to motivate my fellow beings to volunteer (in the role of 'Internet Guardians') towards the noble cause of making the Internet safer.

Finally, for those who find ALICE interesting, and wish to integrate the chat bot freely into their web sites or applications, I'm also offering them the option to download the bot's code to embed in their applications free of cost.

The future plan is to make ALICE Safety Bot available in:

  • Our other regional languages for the people of our country
  • Other international languages for the people of our world

I have been always pained to see the agony of innocent people around me who are being harassed by online fraudsters. I sincerely hope my ALICE Safety Bot will help contribute towards inspiring our people to opt for, and volunteer towards, a 'Safer Internet'.

ALICE featured on Google Assistant page

ALICE mentioned on Google India's website

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